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he symbiosis of Tao Qin Xiu Jile dedicated Teflon tape and society

Taixing Ruifeng rubber products Co., Ltd. has special opinions onsymbiotic road Qin Xiu Jile dedicated Teflon tape and society

The third chapter main inclined shaft Teflon tape feeding selection andelectrical control transport system produced from underground carbonvia trough Teflon tape to send, reproduced to the eve of Teflon tape to send through the wind inlet Lane dark slope after reaching No. 3 Teflon tape send carbon transported Ii Guchi bin Iguchi Kura, the carbonthrough sieving, sent to the factory by the storage belt. 23 control box to the inverter 42ma signal to complete the power balance of belt machine,precision. Cycloidal pin wheel inner hole and clearance () with steel number standard cycloidal pin wheel inner hole clearance clearance limitdown according to the identity token flag code with. The squirrel cageasynchronous motor has the advantages of simple structure, starting and control facilities and other interests, but because of its starting current is big, so the design is not the selection of squirrel cage asynchronouselectric. By using two oblique feed, feed distance of about 30m. The 22converter with passive contact style to the control box operation returnsignal, the fault signal. In order to make the equipment transport systemin order to prevent the occurrence of can stop, heap and pull backthings, each equipment start-up, containment must follow "counter current startup, downstream containment" moderation principle.

The first type: popular Teflon tape to send, scalable Teflon tape to send.Unloader: limit adjustment must discharger electrohydraulic push rod.Three homework homework homework criterion criterion matters of style and scale (need attached sketch map) note. Refer to the field operationrecord of equipment defects record maintenance record commissioningequipment analysis of defects of the original full fence lessons forpreparatory drawings identifying awake craft materials and spare parts.Chain wear the pitch by Nianye not exceeding. Cadre appointment Cha gang register. Drum encapsulated integrity, roller bearing temperature,motor temperature appropriate scale. Commissioning action > frontprotective cover must be full of > 7 >. In order to achieve the best controlend, CST and PLC type mine programmable control system supporting the use, adoption of their respective advantages and table play organic coordination principle, i.e. acceleration, check belt, overload, power balance and operation adjustment control function and an associated sensor monitoring signal is completed by CST and control the main motor; starting and stopping, protection, communication, signal, networkand other functions, is composed of a PLC type mine programmablecontrol system to complete the.

Steel wire rope core Teflon tape to send, send wire rope traction type,hanging type Teflon tape feeding etc.. Electric starter style choice. By the relevant departments detection layer spontaneous combustion grade III,is not easy to spontaneous combustion layer, dust-free explosive. Coal electric drill (must use ZM Series) should use the special cable. Line and the frame of the longitudinal center line to vertical vertical threadsthreads of strong strong grade grade thread. Rules and regulations,drawings, record 4 coal pile care set coal level sensor in the head bunkercoal level of care. 41 deviation, pull care.