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Teflon fusing machine belt

ProductCategory:  High temperature conveyor belt >> PTFE (iron) Teflon fusing mach >; Teflon fusing machine belt
ProductName: Teflon fusing machine belt
Product Code: 102214454316

Bonding machine, also known as pressure plain machine, laminating machine, fusing machine, hot lining machine, printing machine, choose my company Teflon fusing machine belt, fast temperature rise, low electricity consumption, low operation cost, long service life. Teflonbonding points seamless fusing machine belt machine, seam fusing machine belt, double layer composite fusing machine belt.

1 Teflon seamless fusing machine belt

Teflon seamless fusing machine belt, also known as the tape of the lining pressing machine, made of high strength fiberglass or Kevlar (Fang Guan) by a circular weaving machine knitting tubular fabric, coated withteflon resin technology adopt unique (PTFE) made of. It overcomes theseam tape of the lining pressing machine interface connection, easy fracture at the phenomenon of unequal circumferences at the joints and cause of running stability, deviation. Teflon seamless fusing machine beltrunning life than any previous connection of Teflon tape of the lining pressing machine service life up to 3 times longer than.

2 Teflon seam fusing machine belt

Teflon seam fusing machine belt, also known as seam fusing machinebelt, made of high strength fiberglass or Kevlar (Fang Guan) wovenglass fiber cloth or Kaifulabu, impregnated Teflon resin technology adoptunique (PTFE) made of. The walking stability is good, not easy deviation.

3 double composite fusing machine belt

Double layer composite bonding machine, also known as double composite fusing machine belt, made of high strength fiberglass orKevlar (Fang Guan) woven glass fiber cloth or Kaifulabu, impregnatedTeflon resin technology adopt unique (PTFE) made of. The jointformation, walking stability, easy deviation.

Application scheme:

- widely used in belt type press machinery adhesive lining cloth

- various food baking, thaw frozen food (rice, rice cakes, candy, etc.)

- various electronic components welded conveying machinery matching

Special conditions of transport - industrial chemicals, rubber and plasticfilm, electrical appliances parts heat treatment, heat resistant and non adhesive tape

Rust prevention adhesive coated transport, with acid and alkali, and corrosion goods - Auto Parts