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High temperature adhesive tape

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ProductName: High temperature adhesive tape
Product Code: 10221301216

Ruifeng basically has the following kinds of high temperature adhesive tape:

(1) pure Teflon tape, is the use of pure PTFE turning film, via singleprocessing, made of viscose,

Features: electronic good insulation, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, anti adhesion, good temperature resistance

Pure PTFE adhesive tape specifications:

Number of maximum thickness of wide adhesion strength (tensile strength of steel) temperature

FJ-008 0.08mm 300mm 20N/100mm 300N/100mm -70-260 C

FJ-013 0.13MM 300mm 25N/100mm 400N/100mm -70-260 C

FJ-018 0.18mm 400mm 44N/100mm 650N/100mm -70-260 C

FJ-025 0.25mm 500mm 58N/100mm 950N/100mm -70-260 C

(2) the Teflon glass fiber tape, is the use of Teflon glass fiber cloth,single-sided adhesive made by processing,

Features: the strength than pure Teflon tape, adhesion resistance,temperature resistance, corrosion resistance


Number of maximum thickness of wide adhesion strength (tensile strength of steel) temperature

FB-013 0.13MM 1250mm 28N/100mm 1700N/100mm -70-260 C

FB-018 0.18mm 1250mm 48N/100mm 2750N/100mm -70-260 C

FB-025 0.25mm 1250mm 62 N/100mm 3650N/100mm -70-260 C

The company can also produce silicon cloth adhesive tape, glass fibertape, F46 film adhesive tape

Silicone adhesive tape: is the use of silicone substrate, single side coated with viscose

Glass fiber, is the direct use of glass fiber cloth, sintering, fixed, or a bit of latex, and then glue made

F46 film adhesive tape is the direct use of F46 membrane by singleprocessing made of viscose.

The scope of application of the adhesive tape: PTFE Teflon tape surface is smooth, with excellent anti adhesion, resistance to chemical corrosionand high temperature resistance, excellent insulation properties, widely used in packaging, thermoplastic composite, heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries. Through the fabric reinforced PTFE Teflon morewith the characteristics of high strength, can be used for sizing machine drum, plastic molding, can be repeatedly used, easy replacement.